SPIRITUAL communities


A mountain resort community in an idyllic setting, Blaine County takes wellness seriously. That includes spiritual wellness. We are a diverse community when it comes to spiritual practices. We respect those who hold convictions different from our own, and look to find common ground for the common good.


When it comes to long-term recovery from a pandemic with mandatory social distancing/isolation, restoring community is critical. What follows is a list of churches and spiritual communities. Because of the diversity of spiritual practices in our county, we are limiting this list to congregations and communities rather than trying to also include an exhaustive list of individual spiritual/metaphysical/wellness practitioners, of which there are likely too many to include.


Any list is surely dated the moment it is published, so if we have missed a congregation or community, please let us know!

 For the most up-to-date information and resources visit Blaine County COVID Dashboard, NAMI, Crisis Hotline, and St. Luke's Dashboard.